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Engineering Plastics

Pioneer in engineering plastic compounds in India, SRF is uniquely positioned as a solutions provider for a variety of applications.

The company manufactures a wide range of engineering plastic products for the automotive & electrical Industry, SRF also caters to various other user segments such as power tools, engineering products, furniture, tubings, cable sheathings etc.

Equipped with modern facilities, the company proactively collaborates with mould designers, moulders, and OEMs’ to develop new products to meet their emerging requirements.

Benefits of Engineering Plastics:

  • Weight reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Electrical insulation
  • Flame retardancy
  • Increase in productivity
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Numerous colors can be achieved



With over 200 grades serving different markets, SRF offers engineering plastics manufactured to meet specific requirements, under the following categories:

  • Polyamides (N6, N66)
  • Poly Butylenethalate (PBT)
  • Poly Carbonates (PC)
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Initially focused on manufacturing and compounding of Polyamide 6 resin, today the business offers several engineered compounds under following brands

Product Range and Applications

TUFNYL® : Polyamide 6 & Polyamide 66 engineering resins

TUFNYL® is our brand name of high performance Polyamide 6 & Polyamide 66 materials. It is one of the most valuable engineering plastics, particularly for applications requiring high mechanical properties along with chemical and heat resistance and excellent finish. Polyamide is often the answer for designers seeking weight savings, functional integration, design freedom and cost reduction.

TUFNYL® Product Specifications and Applications

TUFBET® : Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) engineering resins

TUFBET® is our brand name of PBT, which is a semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic with excellent insulation properties and it is majorly used in electrical and electronics industry. Un-reinforced grades offer performance typical to a crystalline polymer, combining good strength and stiffness with low moisture absorption, high thermal stability, exceptional electrical insulation, outstanding dimensional stability and resistance to the effects of a wide range of chemicals, solvents, and oils.

TUFBET Product Specifications and Applications

TUFPC : Polycarbonate (PC) engineering resins

TUFPC, our brand name of Polycarbonate thermoplastic resins, is primarily used in automotive and electrical applications. It is also being used in a variety of other segments where the application requires high impact strength and heat resistance along with a smooth surface finish.

TUFPC Product Specifications and Applications

ENGOPET : Polyethylene Terepthalate (PET) engineering resins

ENGOPET is our brand name of PET, which is a semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic. Besides the property of good heat resistance, this lightweight product also has excellent gas barrier properties and fair resistance to moisture. It can be classified as rigid or semi-rigid depending upon how it is processed. The product often finds application in automotive, electrical & electronics, furniture and medical industry.

ENGOPET Product Specifications and Applications

Capability & Commitment

R&D and Technical Services

The Engineering Plastics Business of SRF has a dedicated application development facility at its plant in Manali near Chennai which is equipped with latest generation extruders and testing equipments to develop tailor made grades for its customers. SRF continuously strives to develop innovative solutions in close partnership with its customers, from design to commercialization. The business’ innovative approach comes from the understanding of its customer's evolving needs, focusing on functionalities such as weight and size reduction, function integration, safety and comfort. Most of the applications are developed in close collaboration with the designers, mold producers and processors.

Focus area of our Research & Development

  • Development of newer compounds in PA, PBT, PC , PET and their alloys
  • Development of Halogen-free Flame retardant compounds.
  • Development of compounds to meet the specific needs of auto / electrical / Electronics / appliance / Furniture/ Structural/ defense / engineering industry
  • Development of new blends and alloys having properties entirely different from that of the base engineering plastics from which they are formulated.
  • Replacement of metals with suitable engineering plastics in the auto / appliances to reduce the weight of the vehicles, enhance the fuel efficiency, reduce cost, improve appearance and to optimize operational efficiency.

Customised Production & delivery

SRF has the capability to produce engineering plastic compounds and extrusion grades as per the customers’ requirement. Both its plants are strategically located to serve our customers efficiently in domestic and international markets.

Quality Assurance

SRF boasts of a Quality Assurance Cell that ensures the products conform to the customer needs and requirements. The R&D lab at the company's plant premise in Manali near Chennai helps the team in carrying out advanced testing of final products. As a winner of the prestigious Deming Prize for two of its businesses, the company remains committed to keep re-inventing its processes in its effort to achieve its goal of zero defects.

Innovative Solutions

SRF continuously strives to develop innovative solutions in close partnership with its customers across the value-chain, right from design stage to commercialisation. The company’s innovative approach comes from the understanding of its customer's evolving needs, core functionalities such as weight and size reduction & function integration and customers’ concern for safety and comfort.

Testing & Documentation

SRF has a well-established system in place to provide test certificates for supplied products with the maximum tested properties in accepted standards like ISO and ASTM as per customers' convenience.

Packaging & Shipping

Leveraging its global reach, SRF promises to deliver the material as per the customer's requirement in various customized packaging from 25 kg to 1000kg, anywhere in the world.



Established in 1979, SRF today manufactures more than 200 grades of engineering plastics in the four categories of polymer range: Polyamide 6 & Polyamide 6,6 (TUFNYL), Polycarbonate (TUFPC), Polybutylene Terephthalate (TUFBET) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (ENGOPET).

Apart from being the domestic market leader, SRF also enjoys the reputation of being the only engineering plastics company in India with two plant locations, Manali near Chennai and Pantnagar. SRF engineering plastics company in India is backward integrated for Nylon 6 and PET resins.

Snapshots of SRF facilities and offerings:

  • 2 manufacturing plants in India
  • Largest and exclusive distribution network in India
  • Exporting to more than 10 countries
  • Dedicated product development capability are deployed.
  • Product range (Nylon 6, Nylon 6 6, PBT, PET & Poly Carbonate)
  • Alloys (PC/ PBT, PBT/ PET, PC/ ABS)
  • Unique Extruder combination to deliver small to large lot size

Manufacturing Plants


Location Manali Near Chennai

Address Manali Industrial Area Manali, Chennai – 500 068 India

Key production
facilities Polymerization, Compounding

Products N6, N66, PBT, PC, PET

Year of Establishment 1979

Contact No (+91) 44 25941073

E-mail id info@srf.com

Location Pantnagar

Address Plot No. 14C, Sector 9, 11E Pantnagar District: Udham Singh Nagar, Rudrapur – 263 153 India

Key production
facilities Polymerization, Compounding

Products : N6, N66, PBT, PC, PET

Year of Establishment 2006

Contact No (+91) 5944 250098

E-mail id info@srf.com


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