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Chemicals Technology Group

At SRF, search for innovation is always on.

The company continues to offer unique and sustainable solutions for its customers brought about by an integration of unique process, people and product development capabilities. With state-of-the-art R&D facilities and an indigenous team of scientists and technologists, the company remains committed to work towards improving the quality of people through better products and services.

R&D Centers

R&D Centers for Fluorochemicals & Specialty Chemicals

The Chemicals Technology Group (CTG), created specifically to focus on developing new processes and technologies for specialty chemicals, has been the silent performer behind the success of Fluorochemicals and Specialty Chemicals Business of SRF. The team of scientists working in the Chemicals Technology Group continues to develop products to cater needs of agrochemical, pharmaceuticals and other niche customers through two R&D centres, one at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan and the second one at Manali near Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

Equipped with state-of- the-art facilities, the R&D centres under CTG, employ the best of talent from some of the most reputed educational institutions in the country. The R&D teams work on synthesis of new halogenated organic compounds as well as development of analytical methods for them. The R&D labs are equipped with cutting edge in-process and product testing facilities like LC, LC/MS, GC, GC/MS, FT-IR, Spectrophotometer etc.

SRF provides an integrated service from research (process development) to kilo scale synthesis to commercial scale supply, supported by its in-house process development and engineering expertise. SRF has a rich experience and successful track record of development & commercialisation of various complex organic molecules, while maintaining high standards of EHS.

At SRF, the focus is on providing highest value to its customers, while supporting them throughout the life cycle of their products with a high level of professionalism, ensuring confidentiality and transparency to them.

R&D Centre for Technical Textiles Business

The Technical Textiles Research & Development Center located in Manali (Tamil Nadu) is a premier institution, leading the industry through continuous improvements in technology and processes for futuristic products. With an amalgamation of dedicated scientists and engineers from prestigious academic institutes and experienced in-house talent, the research centre is equipped with world-class infrastructure and pilot facility for polymerisation, spinning, twisting, dipping and coating for new product and process developments. The centre also offers joint product and process development with customers, providing them with customised products to suit their specific requirements.

R&D Centre for Engineering Plastics Business

SRF's Engineering Plastics Business has been leveraging its R&D capabilities to expand successfully in new products and also new polymers for its target segment (auto and electrical). The products have been successfully launched in the global markets.

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