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We believe that work culture is what differentiates an organization and defines it as well.

At SRF, we have a work culture which is open, where ideas, views and suggestions are valued and employees are regularly appreciated and professionally rewarded for their consistent good performance. At work, we encourage employees to demonstrate respect for each other and value all commitments.

Our desire to promote accessibility and transparency is visible in our constant effort to encourage our employees to voice their concern without fear of reprisal.

At SRF, every idea however small is valued. New initiatives and innovative ways of dealing with problems or improving the work processes are encouraged by the organization. We believe that our people are the key to achieving organizational excellence, constantly improving Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Employee Morale.

Our Values

At SRF, we remain committed to conduct our businesses with a set of values (RINEW) that guide our actions and behaviours.

  • R Respect
    for others

  • I Integrity

  • N Non-

  • E Excellence

  • W Well-being
    of others

People Development

Our people development system follows a scientific process on three fronts :

  • Need Identification

  • Design and Delivery

  • Effectiveness Measurement

Fun at Work

At SRF, we believe that people work harder if they enjoy being at the workplace and that’s the reason why work and fun go hand-in-hand here.

SRF as an organization encourages activities which positively impact the employee morale. We design and develop innovative people practices to combine fun with reward and recognition activities.

Most of our locations have their own clubs, committees promoting recreational activities like fitness, creativity at work, music, dramatics, indoor and outdoor sports and more. In a nutshell, SRF provides employees with a variety of options to rejuvenate resulting in performance par excellence.

My Moment of Pride

At SRF, we all remain committed to live the values of the company.

This is aptly manifested by our colleagues, who many times go beyond the call of duty to bring joy to the lives of people associated with SRF, be it employees, customers, suppliers or people in our community. We plan to recreate those moments of truth when we felt proud of working with our company by covering one such inspirational story in every issue of STRIDES.

These are indeed the real stories of our care, concern and compassion. These are the stories that find place in our hearts and minds. These are the stories that we want to share with all; our families and friends. These stories could also pertain to spirit of innovation, team work and concern for customer satisfaction. Read on the experiences shared by our employees.
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