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Belting Fabric

SRF helps the mining, manufacturing and many utility industries transport their raw materials and other products from one place to the other.

The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of belting fabrics that are used as reinforcement material inside the conveyour belts. Processed in multiple layers inside the conveyour belts, the belting fabrics are required to be resilient and offer requisite strength and durability to the final product.

With over 35 years of experience and a dedicated team working in re-engineering fabric specifications, the SRF claims to provide tailor-made and customised products to its customers globally.

As the second largest manufacturer of conveyor belting Fabrics in the world, the company serves its customers in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America.



SRF's strength lies in customisation of belting fabrics for its customers and offering a wide range of designs and products for special applications.

The product line up of SRF belting fabrics segment constitutes Dipped Belting Fabrics in both Ply Belting as well as Solid Woven variety.

The company offers belting fabrics made of the following fibres:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon 6
  • Nylon 66
  • Monofilament
  • Aramid
  • Steel

The solid woven fabrics are suitable for heavy-duty use, where strength and dynamic strain resistance are required. Besides added strength, the solid woven construction allows for more acute roller angles of monopoly-belt.

Product Specifications

Standard Products Specifications

SRF offers a wide range of tailor made fabrics as well as standard constructions of different designs and styles for special applications as per the specifications.

General specifications for Belting Fabrics: Download PDF

Speciality Product Specifications

Solid Woven Belting Fabric Range

Solid Woven belting fabrics manufactured in SRF’s South Africa plant are available in the following range:

  • Strength range on 630- 1,600 kN/m (3,600- 9,150lbs/in)
  • Widths up to 1.5m
  • Lengths up to 310 metres
  • Typical mass (class 1,250) of 5.4kg/m2, a large roll weighs approximately 2.5 tons.

Solid Woven Belting Fabrics range product specifications: Download PDF.



SRF's belting fabrics plant is located at Viralimalai in Tamil Nadu, India.

Staring its operations in 1983 with a modest capacity from its plant at Viralimalai, the company has over the years expanded and grown to become the second largest manufacturer of conveyor belting fabric in the world. At SRF, belting fabrics are manufactured using the latest weaving and dipping technologies to create a complete range of world class products.

SRF also has a unique distinction of being the only vertically integrated manufacturer with its own PET and N6 yarn units.

Key Processes

Unique Features
  • 1. Double creel arrangement – Reduced Set-up time
  • 2. Higher beaming tension – improved product quality.
  • 3. Online Process control monitoring
  • 4. Higher beam capacity – Higher length rolls.
  • 5. Improved individual yarn tensioning mechanism, beam tension uniformity across the width.
Unique Features
  • 1. Fully Electronic controlled Let-off & Take-up system.
  • 2. Positive control on warp tension across the width.
  • 3. Superior Automated control for various functions.
  • 4. Handle Large roll lengths
Unique Features
  • 1. Bruckner stenter with tension control on warp & weft direction.
  • 2. Uniform temperature control.
  • 3. Special clips to hold the fabric without impression/damage.
  • 4. Higher beam capacity – Higher length rolls.
  • 4. Electronic surface winder with variable digressive batch up

Manufacturing Plants

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Year of establishment 1983

Products Dipped Belting, Chafer

Workforce 300

Total area 37 Acres

Location Viralimalai, Pudukkottai
  Distt. TamilNadu


Contact No 91-4339-220808 (6 lines)
   Fax – 91-4339-220283

E-mail id info@srf.com

Key Production Facilities

  • Dipped Belting fabrics Production and Dipped Chafer Fabric production having value chain from yarn to dipped fabrics
  • Dipped Cycle tyre cord fabric having value chain from Greige fabric to dipped fabric
  • The plant is equipped with a wide range of Twisters, Warping machines, Rigid and Flexible Rapier Looms and Dipping machines to cater to a large range of belting, chafer and cycle tyre cord fabrics
  • The plant has an in-house Technology & Product Development Center for new product development in belting and chafer fabrics to cater to requirements for new and improved products
  • Zero discharge plant
  • A dedicated R&D centre in Manali, Tamil Nadu: continuous research in scientific and technological fields to develop new and innovative products

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Name of the plant SRF Industex Belting (Pty) Ltd

Year of establishment : 1975

Workforce 260

Year of acquisition : 2008

Acquired from Industex Technical Textiles (Pty) Limited

Products Ply Belting & Solid Woven

Capacity Ply Belting 3300 MTPA
Solid Woven 1100 MTPA

Key Clients Contitech, Dunlop, Mercurio, Maxbelt, Westech

Total area 50200 Sq mtrs

Capacity 4400 MTPA

Modernisation 2009 – Twisters; 2011/2012 Downstream Sulzer Looms; 2013 Dipping Plant; 2014 Whirlwinders

Location 1 Newbolt Street, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa, 6001

Contact No +27-0414068700

E-mail id info@srf.com


Contact Information

Block - C, Sector - 45,
Gurgaon - 122 003,
Haryana, India.

Tel +91-124-4354400 +91-124-4354400

FREE Fax +91-124-4354500

Key Contact info@srf.com

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