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Coated Fabrics

As a pioneer of PVC synthetic coated fabrics in India, SRF offers a diverse range of products for a wide range of applications in varied segments such as architecture, lifestyle, sports, advertising, defense, mines, food & agriculture, automobile and transportation.

With world class manufacturing facilities and incredible product features like flame resistant, flex resistant, UV stabilized , abrasion resistant and tear resistant, SRF remains the first choice of the quality conscious customers not just in India but in some adjoining international markets as well. Besides, the SRF coated fabric products made of high tenacity polyester yarn with a unique PVC formulation are water proof and easy to fabricate, easy to install and easy to maintain. The company with a pan India presence, has been the domestic market leader for more than two decades.



SRF offers a wide range of fabrics from 350 gsm to 1500 gsm, coating thickness from 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm in over 100 shades.

Some of the notable applications of the final products made of SRF coated fabrics are in the form of awnings in balconies, tents & pagodas in high rise condominiums, golf grounds, parks and restaurants, hangars in exhibitions and other outdoor events, auto canopy & upholstery in jeeps and buses, protective covers in food containers and bio-waste, tarpaulins in trucks, ventilation ducts in mines, moving billboards in advertising, pitch covers in cricket and tennis grounds and inflatables used in advertising aids and bouncies for children.

The entire set of coated fabric products from SRF boasts of the following properties:

  • Mde of high tenacity yarn
  • Coated with poly vinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Water proof
  • Fire resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • UV stabilized and tear resistant

Product Range


SRF’s DURALITE Pagoda and SRF DURALITE Premium Pagoda serve as a complete solution for all functional and aspirational tent architecture needs, including structures made of light weightgalvanized Aluminum and a perfectly fitting canopy. Devoid of nuts and bolts, these pagodas are easy to install and dismantle. These pagodas can be used as a standalone structures with an option to add side walls and windows.

  • Customized solution (colored, single tone, dual tone, striped & printed)
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Additionaloption of side walls and see through windows
  • Fitted with aluminum structures sourced from world leaders
  • Easy to install and dismantle (devoid of nuts and bolts)
  • Easy to clean
Product Applications

Hotels & restaurants

Malls, clubs & resorts

Condominiums, parks & gardens


Golf grounds

Corporate events, camps &
marriage parties

Car parking & reception counters


SRF DURASHIELD awning is a lifestyle and sun protecting product that adorns the windows, balconies or terraces in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Equipped with various additional features such as retractable fittings, the SRF awnings provide a unique combination of comfort and safety enabling the residents to control sunlight as per their requirement both in winters and summers.

  • Available in varieties of fabric finish and a wide array of colours to choose from.)
  • Special surface treatment ensures high adaptability for better customized print on awnings.
  • Comes in various variants as retractable awning, dome & vertical awnings to fulfill all your needs
  • Durable ( fabric doesn’t fade, crack or flake easily) and premium quality components ensure structure that withstand time.
  • Installed with strong and sturdy tensioned arms and extruded aluminum components
  • Perfectly fitted fabric preventing any bends or sagging
Product Applications

Fixed awning

Retractable awning

Vertical awning

Awnings fabric
Brand Name: FABAWN

Our range of awning fabrics comes in various variants to fulfill all your needs. Differentiated by style, united by functionality, SRF FABAWN is the ideal fix for covering your exteriors such as Windows, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, restaurants, farm houses etc.

Equipped with various additional features such as retractable fittings and SRF proprietary technology EASY CLEAN, it gives phenominal value and stands out as a market leader.

  • Available in varieties of single side coated, Dual side coated, stripes, one side striped and double side striped.
  • Visually attractive due to special surface treatment
  • Retractable and easy to fabricate due to high flex properties
  • High breaking and tear strength
  • Durable (doesn’t fade, crack or flake easily)
  • Psuitable for radio frequency and hot air welding
  • Installed with strong and sturdy tensioned arms and extruded aluminum components
  • Perfectly fitted fabric preventing any bends or sagging
Product Applications

Windows, balconies & terraces of houses

Restaurants and shops



SRF provides customized tarpaulin under the brand name SRF DURATUFF TARPS for the transporters to cover and protect their cargo in their trucks plying across the country under different climatic conditions. The product is essentially used by those transporters who carry goods of hygroscopic nature such as cement. The company also offers PVC coated fabrics that are tough and durable, suitable to be used by the Indian Army under extreme climatic conditions.

SRF also offers a range of light weight high abrasion resistant tarpaulins under the brand name SRF DURALITE TARPS offering multiple benefits over the regular cotton tarpaulins. It works exceptionally well against all adverse weather conditions, stays light in the rains & has mu usage life owing to higher abrasion resistant properties.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Repairable by heat sealing
  • Fewer panel joints in the tarp
  • Highly durable
  • Very tough to tear
  • Stays light in rains
  • Easy to handle
  • Fungus and termite resistant
  • Specialized fabrication with rust-free eyelets.
  • Supported with extensive service Network
  • Customized fabrication to suit your needs.
Product Applications

On trucks or vans to protect goods from rain or sunlight

In army vehicles for extreme weather conditions

Special construction for higher abrasion resistance to increase reusability

Auto canopy
Brand Name: TUFTOP

SRF coated fabrics are used for making auto-canopies, which sit on the top of the utility vehicles especially the jeeps and SUVs providing both style and safety. SRF supplies the PVC coated synthetic fabrics in three different colours, black, grey and dark grey to the manufacturers of the canopies who in turn serve the leading automobile manufactures. With a wide network of channel partners, the company also serves the trade and replacement market.

  • 100% water proof
  • Tough & durable
  • Available in different finishes
  • Easy to repair
  • Ensures longevity of top layer
  • Available in wide range of colours and thickness
  • Both single-side and double-side coating available
Product Applications

Soft tops in jeeps and SUVs

Hangar covers

Equipped with modern manufacturing facilities SRF offers premium quality of coated fabrics conforming to industrial safety standards for making hangar covers to be used in events and exhibitions. Coated with double side PVC, these hangar covers provide absolute protection from extreme weather conditions of rain, frost, mist, heat, humidity and dirt. SRF supplies hangar covers with all the necessary accessories like velcro, ropes, eyelets and D-rings. SRF also provides flame retardant hangars as per British/IS standards.

  • Complete in-house production
  • Provided with keder to be used with Aluminum structures
  • Easily repairable
  • Flame retardant
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions
Product Applications

Protective hangar covers in events & exhibitions

Static covers

SRF’s range of Static covers popular under the brand name of DURASHIED TARPS, find usage in all agro-based industries for protecting food grains and other raw materials from rain and wind when they are being dried in the open. SRF also offers a unique solution in the form of customized tarpaulins in sync with the Standard International dimensions.

SRF also manufactures special light weight fabrics that are ideally suited for temporary and short-term covering applications such as Pandals.

Our initiative is to always come up with innovations that optimizes the benefits of our products and maximizes their efficiency. Such innovations come in the form of mouse deterrent covers and fumigation covers.

Mouse deterrent static covers
  • SRF’s Rodent Deterrent Fabric contains odour emitting chemicals & very bitter compounds unaccepted by rodents.
  • The fabric does not kill but only keeps the animal away by making use of the sensory mechanisms.
  • The mouse deterrent additive triggers an unpleasant reaction within any rodent which might try to gnaw away at the fabric, ensuring that it won't bite again.
Fumigation Covers
  • Fumigation is carried out to kill insects with Aluminium Phosphide tablets for 5-7 days. Tablets react with Moisture and Phosphine gas is generated which kills the insects, once in three months or as and when infestation occurs.
  • Besides becoming a shield against weather withering SRF’s fumigation cover protects the grains by creating airtight atmosphere around grain stack during fumigation.
  • 100% waterproof
  • UV stabilized
  • Repairable by heat sealing
  • Stays light in rains
  • Fungus and termite resistant
Product Applications

On the ground for the people and goods

On the ground to cover brickwork and masonry by builders

In all major crop mills offering as a waterproof and termite resistant cover

Mouse deterrent static covers keeping rodents at bay

For fumigation covers

Ducting cover

SRF coated fabrics are used for manufacturing ventilation ducts in mines, hydro-electric power plants and air conditioning project sites for transporting air. In many places around India, flexible ducts made of SRF coated Fabrics are used for transportation of water too.

  • Flame retardant
  • Permanent anti-static feature
  • High tear strength
Product Applications

Ventilation ducts in mines, hydro-electric power plants and air-conditioning projects

Transportation of water

Sports goods

SRF enjoys customers’ preference for its coated fabrics to be used as pitch covers and ground covers in all the leading cricket and tennis stadia.SRF fabrics are also popular as gymnastics, wrestling mats and many other sports goods that require strength, style and colours.

SRF also manufactures phthalate-free range of fabrics for this application.

  • High strength
  • Great on style with attractive colours
Product Applications

Pitch covers in cricket and tennis stadia

Wrestling mats

Sports gloves


SRF offers high strength coated fabrics conforming to the global standards of specifications required to make inflatables. The company has developed the requisite facilities and competencies through constant interaction with the industry to cater to their specific needs. Inflatables are also used as advertising aids and bouncies.

  • Highly durable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Can be stored in a small place when not inflated
  • Available in a variety of colours, shapes and finishes
  • Tough to tear
  • Easy to handle
  • Repairable by heat sealing



Equipped with world class facilities for manufacturing yarn, weaving and coating, SRF plant at Gummidipoondi in Tamil Nadu is fully integrated for manufacture of coated fabrics with PVC formulation. The plant also has facilities for fabrication of articles using its own fabrics.

Some of the key features of the manufacturing facility include

  • High tenacity & low shrinkage polyester yarn spinning with technical assistance from Toray, Japan
  • Flexible universal twisting machines from Swisstex
  • Airjet and rapier weaving machines from Dornier & Picanol
  • 3.2m wide coating line from Isotex, Italy
  • 3.2m wide lacquering & printing line
  • Automated fabrication equipment from Miller Weldmaster, US

SRF maintains consistency of all its products through a well-planned quality assurance system at its ISO 14001 certified plant. SRF also ensures authenticity of products with embossed logo on all its rolls.

Manufacturing Plants

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Name of the Plant : SRF Coated Fabrics

Location : Gummidipoondi

Year of Establishment : 2011

Key Production Facilities : Weaving , Coating , Printing , Lacquering & Fabrication

Products : PVC coated fabrics

Contact No : (Board no) +9144-27923212 - 22

E-mail id : info@srf.com


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